International Transport and Logistics Forum «PRO//Motion.1520» - is a major event in the railway industry and has already established itself as an authoritative venue for discussing key issues in ensuring the railway industry development and building a dialogue between all stakeholders.

This year, the business program agenda includes a number of pivotal issues related to boosting global competitiveness in the railway transport sector, establishing new transport corridors in the Eurasian space, developing transit traffic, increasing the throughput and carrying capacity of the railway infrastructure, ensuring the growth of economic and technological efficiency of the rolling stock operation and repair, developing high-speed rail and intermodal passenger routes, introducing new “green” standards.
PRO//Motion.1520 is a strategic forum for top executives of the transport industry engaged in the development of infrastructure and transportation in the Eurasian space.
The Forum will bring together representatives of regulators, heads of rail administrations of the CIS and Europe, heads of transport, banking and investment companies, representatives of major Russian and foreign shippers, as well as railway engineering experts.

Organizer: Gudok Publishing House. General partner: Russian Railways.

Venue and time: 28-30 October 2019, the Main Media Center, Sochi.

We welcome you to register to the main event of the year in the transport sector - the forum «PRO//Motion.1520».