About the conference

The key highlights of the International Transport and Logistics Conference «PRO//Motion.Siberia» are:

  • PRO//Motion. Siberia it is the main event on railway and multimodal transportation for the West Siberia region 
  • PRO//Motion. Siberia is the platform for productive dialogue of regional administrations, West Siberian Railway, sea ports, operators, exporters, coal companies, agriculture companies, banks and regional authorities responsible for export and transportation development in West Siberia 
  • PRO//Motion. Siberia will be dedicated to strategic development of the current and alternative transport routes for export expansion.
The uniqueness of the region:

Novosibirsk region is one of the leading dynamically developing region of Russia. Due to its geographical location, Transsib, well-developed coal mining and agricultural potential Novosibirsk can be counted as the centre of distribution of export and import freight flows in Siberia.
International Transport and Logistics Conference «PRO//Motion.Siberia» is hosted by West Siberian Railway and is a part of «PRO//Motion» project organized by the Publishing House «GUDOK».
The key agenda topics:
  • New transport routes for developing new markets and cargo delivery speed optimization
  • Multimodality and smart logistics solutions
  • Innovative rolling stock and digital innovations
  • Branched network of privately and state- owned transport and logistics complexes in the region and the synergy of its’ cooperation to the benefit of cargo owners and operators
The venue of the conference:

The Novosibirsk Expo Centre International Exhibition Complex, 104 Stantsionnaya St., the City of Novosibirsk

The Conference is organized by the Publishing House “GUDOK”. The General Partner is "Russian Railways" JSC.