Greetings to participants

Message from Oleg Belozyorov, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of the Joint Stock Company Russian Railways

Dear colleagues!

On behalf of the Joint Stock Company Russian Railways I kindly invite you to take part in the first international transport and logistics forum PRO//MOTION.1520.

  -   Ļ  Nowadays, the greatest success in the global economy is achieved by those businesses that are willing to transform and constantly accumulate the synergetic effect from interaction with ideas and technologies of other industries. This issue is extremely important for Russian transport and Railways. Even now, the requirements for the new logistics products formation dictate the need for close interaction of those modes of transport that have traditionally been considered as competitors. Digital integration and technological compatibility have become the key success factors.

A new discussion platform The forum PRO//MOTION.1520 is created for open discussion of development models by all industry participants using the most modern formats. Our aim is to find common points of growth where we can achieve better results acting together. I firmly believe that this approach will allow Russia to successfully participate in the global competition and not to miss its chance to reach the top five world economies.

The forum will cover a wide range of issues. We will discuss the global transport infrastructure development and the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies, raising the efficiency of transit transportation and the opportunities offered by the use of digital solutions. The specific attention will be paid to the introduction of innovative approaches that will change the usual transport model.

The new discussion platform starts working in the year of the 15th anniversary of JSCo Russian Railways. This is a sufficient time to sum up the results, to assess the productivity of cooperation with the Russian Railways Holding, to formulate new ambitious objectives for all the participants in the transport market.

I am positive that the forum will become a significant event for all participants, we will be able to formulate relevant tasks in a substantive and professional manner and outline ways to solve them, look at familiar things from a new perspective.

Russian Railways has always been and will remain a reliable partner, ready to move forward together with you. I would be glad to welcome you at the first international transport and logistics forum PRO//MOTION.1520 in Sochi!

CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of the Joint Stock Company Russian Railways

Oleg Belozyorov

Joerg Liebscher - Siemens Mobility Greetings

Only a week has passed after the international railway transport forum InnoTrans in Berlin, and Siemens Mobility would like to extend a warm welcome to all the participants and partners of the PRO-Motion 2018 Forum!

This forum provides an excellent opportunity to shape our further partnership priorities within the new economic environment.

Joerg Liebscher - Siemens Mobility Greetings internet PRO-Motion This year we will focus on Moving Together cooperation, export opportunities, digitalization, reliability, service level and localization.

Our specialists will take part in the business program of the forum. This is a great chance to discuss our current and future projects with our customers, including our strategic customer RZD.

Such discussions will help us define specific steps that will certainly drive successful large-scale strategic partnership in the railway transport industry across the Eurasian space. Shaping connected mobility, Siemens Mobility strives to make a significant contribution to such collaboration.

I hope this event proves to be most productive and wish all Forum participants a fruitful partnership within future projects!

Message from Alexey Grom, president of the UTLC ERA

Dear colleagues and partners!

I am glad to welcome the participants of the International Transport and Logistics Forum PRO//Motion.1520, a large-scale platform that brought together representatives from business, railways of various Eurasian countries and federal executive bodies to discuss topical issues in the development of the railway industry.

  On behalf of the management of the United Transport and Logistics Company Eurasian Rail Alliance, I would like to express our readiness for a productive dialogue and cooperation both within the framework of the forum and beyond.

Today's team has already been working for 2.5 years, and during this time we managed to set several records on container transport performance along the route China-Europe-China. And as it is successfully reflected in the name of the forum, there are still many new tasks ahead aimed at promotion of the Eurasian railway transit corridor. Our overall result on the multiple growth of transit traffic is an excellent illustration of the fact that in matters of railway communication between China and Europe, partnership is the key factor, and success depends mainly on the level of integration of all participants.

The forum is timed to the 15th anniversary of the foundation of JSC Russian Railways. Taking this opportunity, we wholeheartedly congratulate all the many thousands of employees of JSC Russian Railways on this beautiful date! We are happy to be a part of the large amicable family of the Russian Railways and contribute to the common cause - the development of our country's railways!
In conclusion, I wish all the successful work on the Forum PRO//Motion.1520!

Yours faithfully,

Alexey Grom, president of the UTLC ERA

Message from Acron group

   I warmly welcome all participants of the International Transport and Logistics Forum PRO // Movement.1520. I am confident that this event will become a milestone in developing closer cooperation between federal and local authorities and transportation, business and manufacturing.
On behalf of Acron Groups cohesive team of over 15,000 employees, who are successfully working in one of the most dynamically developing industries - mineral fertiliser production, I would like to thank you for inviting us to participate in this Forum.
For 15 years, Acron Group has collaborated with Russian Railways, working closely with its business units and offices, as well as with rolling stock owners and operators, and we can look ahead with confidence, facilitating closer cooperation and contributing to the development of the transportation industry and the Russian economy as a whole.
I wish all the forum participants productive work and success in strengthening mutually beneficial partnerships!

Vladimir Kunitsky