Address by Oleg Belozerov, General Director - Chairman of the Board of Russian Railways

Dear Colleagues!

On behalf of Russian Railways, I invite you to take part in the first international transport and logistics forum “PRO // Dvizhenie.1520”.

Appeal of the CEO - Chairman of the Board of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov Today, the world economy has the best successes for those businesses that are ready to transform and constantly accumulate synergistic effects from interaction with the ideas and technologies of other industries. For Russian transport and railways, this issue is of exceptional importance. Already, the requirements for the formation of new logistics products dictate the need for close interaction of those types of transport that have traditionally been considered to be competitors. The key factors for success now are digital integration and technological compatibility.

The new discussion platform - the PRO / Dvizheniye 1520 forum — was created to openly discuss the development models of all industry participants using the most modern formats. Our task is to find common points of growth where we can achieve better results if we act together. I am confident that such an approach will allow Russia to successfully participate in the global competitive struggle and not lose its chance to take a place in the top five world economies. I am convinced that the forum will become a significant event for all participants, we will be able to substantively and professionally formulate urgent tasks and outline ways to solve them, and look at familiar things with a new look.

General Director - Chairman of the Board of JSCo Russian Railways

Oleg Belozerov

Oleg Belozerov

Appeal of Jörg Liebscher - Siemens Mobility Greetings, internet PRO-Motion

A week after the end of the InnoTrans World Railway Forum in Berlin, Siemens Mobility warmly welcomes all the participants and partners of the PRO-Movement Forum 2018!

Appeal of Jörg Liebscher - Siemens Mobility Greetings This forum creates an excellent opportunity to shape further cooperation priorities in the new economic conditions.

This year we will talk about the Movement Together - about cooperation, export opportunities, digitalization, reliability, development of service and localization.

Our experts will take part in the business program of the forum. This is a good opportunity to discuss with our partners, including the key customer - Russian Railways - current and future projects.

The development of concrete steps during the discussion will undoubtedly contribute to the successful development of a large-scale strategic partnership in the railway sector throughout the Eurasian space. Forming the future transport system, Siemens Mobility seeks to make a useful contribution to the formation of such a partnership.

I hope for productive work during the event and wish all the participants of the Forum a good partnership in future concrete projects!

Jörg Liebscher

Circulation of Kirill Lipy - General Director of Transmashholding JSC

Dear friends!

Appeal of Kirill Lipy - General Director of Transmashholding JSC I welcome you to the new discussion platform - the forum “РRО // Dvizhnie.1520”. It is symbolic that the start of the forum was timed to the 15th anniversary of the founding of Russian Railways. I am pleased to congratulate on our own behalf and on behalf of the Transmashholding’s many thousands of staff our reliable partner - Russian Railways OJSC. We are moving forward, developing together with you, we are achieving the best results.

At the forum we expect to discuss with colleagues global issues and current challenges and trends in the development of the transport industry. Today's realities are such that the isolated development of the company is impossible. It is important for us to hear the opinions of our colleagues, we are ready for a productive dialogue to search for all sorts of points of contact to develop a unified development strategy, to improve the quality and competitiveness of our products. In turn, we are ready to share our vision of the development of prospects, to tell, among other things, about our latest developments, the application of technological solutions and development plans. This very direction will allow us to remain a full participant in the international market.

See you at the transport and logistics forum!

Kirill Lipa