Official forum hotels

International Transport and Logistics Forum PRO//Motion.1520

To book a room at this hotel at a special price, you must go link and enter your personal data.

Room reservation at this hotel is complete!

Bridge Resort, Sochi 4*

Reservation at a special price at this hotel is completed!

You can check the availability of rooms at an open price and make a reservation on the official website of the hotel link or tel. +7 (862) 279-20-68.

* - Calls are accepted on weekdays from 10:00 to 19:00 Moscow time!

Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Centre, Sochi 5*

To book a room at the Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Center, Sochi 5 *, at a special price, you must:

  • - individuals to go link and enter the desired dates of residence and your personal data.

  • - legal entities need to fill out form (for forum participants) or form(for participants of the CCTT) and send to e-mail address

Recommended hotel for participants of the CCTT event.

Please note that bookings are available at a special non-refundable rate and must be prepaid before arrival.

Number of rooms is limited!